About CAMI

Adventure and traveling attract many people and it is so energizing to go where not many have gone before and to do what others deem impossible or too dangerous.

We are bringing back climbing ropes from the remote corners of the world to embed an authentic “piece of history” into the bracelets we have designed.

We work with the communities where CAMI go and establish lasting relation so it is natural for us to donate part of the sales to help the community, so you are directly supporting the local people and the Sherpas living in Everest region with your bracelet from the collection Everest by CAMI, and the veterans that return from Iraq will receive a donation with every bracelet from Iraq by CAMI.

The bracelets that we make in Denmark are limited, and we cannot mold them to fit fashion trends or color schemes – the climbing ropes that is used on Mount Everest are colorful and vibrant – so your bracelet will tell that story too.

We welcome you to the collections by CAMI.